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3G remote camera & combined alarm FS-G311

3G remote camera & combined alarm FS-G3113G security camera is a latest wireless security product that use WCDMA network. Its most distinguished feature is that it can achieve long-range & real-time video surveillance via 3G mobile phone. If there is an alarm, it will send warning message to the Multiple pre-supposed numbers, and automatically record live video at the same time. you could see the real-time situation in the defense area through the 3G handset. Moreover, user can watch any situation in the defence area at any time and any place only if there is 3G signals. it could be remote controled by handset with infrared function, can connect with 15 wireless alarm sensor at the same time. widely used in nuring children and the old, preventing burgling family, shops and monitoring car, train or ship. 1) This product uses USIM card, supporting WCDMA 3G network.2) Built-in CMOS camera and infrared light, it supports real-time wireless video monitoring in 24 hours.3) You can send SMS to control camera remotely and check anywhere secretly and safely.4) Multimode alarm: Camera can send alarm messages by SMS, video call, voice call.5) Sensor detection: Max 15 wireless alarm sensors can be added.6) Support to record the alarming image to the camera7) Up to 10 telephone numbers can be pre-stored in the system.8) Matching wireless remote controller: Arming, disarming or emergency alarm.9) Special Camera: 2.0 mega pixels CMOS camera.10) Complete wireless connection., easy installation: the product can be installed at any place you wanted.11) Built-in replaceable Lithium battery: rechargeable battery ensuring operation in case of external power failure.12) Real-time video: you can call the video phone to check the image of monitoring area anytime and anywhere.13) Application: taking care of the elders and children, in house, school, monitoring shop, bus, ship, and train etc

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Company Address:    Floor 5th,Building C,Huayang Sci-Tech.Park,Gushu,Xixiang,Bao'an District, Shenzhen,China
Contact Man:    Roy C.
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