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OBE intelligent flap barrier

OBE intelligent flap barrier is mainly used by the public areas with high passengers flow. It is fast intelligent identification, high safety, large passing volume, informationisation, reliableness, and economy. It is the most advanced intelligent access system, which effectively connected anti-trailing technology with the access control system of the building.Product FeatureThe barrier can be set-up at three safety levels according to the needs of the user: High, Mid, Low;-Card, Finger Print Machine, or Infra-red Ray Controller are available for authorization;-When authorization is recognized, the signal light will change from Red Cross to Green Arrow;-When authorized person passed, the door wing will be shut down immediately to prevent from trailing;- The alarm will be on when unauthorized passing is to be found.Specifications1. Operation Mode: Standard or Handicapped2. Installation Type: Single or Multi-lanes3. Working Mode: Open or Close mode4. Direction or Information Indicator: One-way or Two-way passing mode5. No. of Sensors6. Remote Control Workstation7. Materials: for Case and Coating8. Connection: with Door Control Systems

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