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CCTV tower at ST17 Midlands
New from the manufacturer Revader Security is a mobile CCTV tower to complement the company’s range of redeployable surveillance products. Revader will be demonstrating the Galaxy alongside its rugged mobile CCTV products at the ST17 Midlands exhibition on Thursday, February 9, at the East Midlands Conference Centre, on the University of Nottingham campus. The dedicated security conference and exhibition is aimed at end users, purchasers and those who specify security products.

The Galaxy CCTV tower is produced from steel and features a folding-arm mast which extends to 6 metres, providing a wide context in which video footage is captured. Each tower holds four fixed cameras with passive infra red detectors (PIRs) to cover a 360 degree view up to 30 metres, and a pinnacle high-definition PTZ infra-red camera for up to 100m. The equipment is securely fixed and wired-in through the inside of the mast.

CCTV operators benefit from being able to pre-configure the tower with the appropriate camera deployment prior to transportation. Once in situ, the tower enables CCTV operators to receive live and recorded video footage, and control the PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom), audio and a range of alternative cameras and accessories, while remaining the makers add durable against attempts to tamper or damage the equipment.

The equipment deployed with the mast can be operated from a range of power sources, including mains, battery, diesel generator and fuel cells. Video and audio data is transferred via local wireless network or the 3G/4G network. Visit revader.com.