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Suppliers Details

Shenzhen Finseen Group Company Limited

Contact:Rachel Feng
Location:Shenzhen, Guangdong,China
New products TCP/IP Alarm with Cloud Server based
Category:Intrude Alarming Control Systems
Product Model:FC-300
Product Brand:Finseen
Product Price:85.59 USD/set
Product Origin:Shenzhen
Time Of Validity:2 years
Key Words:Smart Home Secuirty System
Product Details

Smart Home Security--How to Keep Your Home Safe While You’re away


Home Security-or lack thereof- is an issue that many people worry about, but few do much to solve. Even those who have take steps to secure their home with a security system often forget to turn on or don’t take full advantage of all of the benefits they provide. But here is the thing: homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken into than those with and the burglaries do occur in a secured home usually take place when the security systems are disarmed.


Looking to add a bit more security to your home? Here is a good way our Cloud IP Alarm System can help add peace of mind while you are away.


Then our Cloud IP Alarm System was released to solve the problem. No matter where are you, you can operate the alarm system via APP on your mobile devices, like smart phone, tablet PC…

Difference between Cloud IP Alarm System & GSM Alarm System


 Finseen Cloud IP Alarm

GSM Alarm



Mainly 315/433MHz


868 FSK Cloud Service

GSM phone technology

Phone Card

No need. Internet cloud service

GSM card


No cost

Pay for GSM card rent every month


Phone/tablet APP control the whole system anywhere

Panel keyboard control the system


Instant PUSH Notification on phone or sending Email

Sending SMS to phone

Alarm Way

Phone APP blow and siren blow at the same time, can blow while having phone call

Dialing to the phone, can not blow while having phone call


strong and fast, we spend millions dollars built 5 servers over the world

Weaker and slower, share server with others, don’t have own server


No, but with strong signal via cloud server

Yes, signal unstable

Rate of False Alarm


868mhz FSK technology, get accurate indicator by Cloud Servers.


Alarming while neighbor’s alarm triggered. Always interference by other’s alarms


“Tamper Triggered” inform to your phone and blow on phone

No notification

Learn accessories

10 seconds.

Easy and saving time, wireless learning, just add to the phone APP

Some minutes.

Complicated, input many information

Name the Zones

Name every accessories

Can Not.




Alarm host  the brain of IP cloud home alarm system, connect the sensors, cloud server with the APP on the mobile phone.

Magnetic door contact installed on the door, window, drawer.

PIR sensor usually used in the house close to the door or window.

when system is in arming state, illegal intruder will be detected, then the security alarm siren make a loud alarm sound, at the same time, report to the host, warning on the smartphone or tablet.

Smoke fire sensor detect the smoke and smog concentration, if a fire disaster, the device alarm to the IP cloud ,alarm system on the smartphone or tablet.

Gas detector detect LPG/natural gas/coal gas concentration in the kitchen, if the concentration exceed the health standard, device will r  the device alarm to the IP cloud ,alarm system on the smartphone or tablet 

Indoor siren , when sensor is triggered, the indoor siren will alarm with light & sound

Outdoor siren when sensor is triggered, the indoor siren will alarm with light & sound to get your neighbor notified that something happens to your house then they can come to help

Remote control  you can arm or disarm the alarm system on the remote control, and there is a SOS button on it, if emergency happens, you can get help by pushing it. 

Simple installation

Protect your home just as fast as you can download an app for your smartphone-easy, fast and without an expensive and troublesome installation. Take control in a fun way. Its only your imagination that sets the limits.

? Install the devices exactly where you want them to be
? Press the + in the Finseen APP and follow the directions
? Name the device
? Activate and deactivate the devices

Packing & shipping

Packaging Detail:1 set/gift box(31cm*21cm*9cm), 6 boxes/carton(49cm*31cm*23cm)

Delivery Detail:2 days for sample, 2-10 days for formal order

Sample shipping way: usually sent by DHL/UPS/FedEx or by air for small order.

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