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Shenzhen Finseen Group Company Limited

Contact:Rachel Feng
Location:Shenzhen, Guangdong,China
Finseen Cloud IP Alarm with APP control
Category:Intrude Alarming Control Systems
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Product Details

Finseen IP Alarm System is the latest alarm system in the market, It responds to the market which is calling for smart home automation system. Finseen IP Alarm system released after 2 years of R&D, it's smarter and simpler. You can control the alarm system wherever you are by your APP on the smart phone, you never worry about the safety of your property. WHAT'S MOST, Finseen Cloud IP alarm system FC-300 uses an open encrypted connection to the cloud? and is monitored continuously. And Finseen IP Alarm FC-300 continuously streams data between the base unit and the ?cloud?. The cloud? checks the data and convert it to useful information presented on the users mobile devices.

At hte first sight, you may not find the difference between IPcloud alarm system & GSM alarm, when you know more, you will be interested in it, so give me the chance to explain it to you. Finseen IP Alarm system will let you experience new things !








IP Cloud Alarm FC-300 uses an open encrypted connection to the Cloud and is monitored continuously.?

GSM Alarm uses SMS as indirect communication between the base unit and the mobile device. There is no continuously open communication line.


IP Cloud Alarm FC-300 continuously streams data between the base unit and the cloud. The Cloud checks the data and convert it to useful information presented on the users mobile device.

GSM Alarm collects data by SMS. Each small data package is transferred via one SMS. There is no cloud to calculate the data.



This system also can be alarm without internet if somebody breaks into your home, but it should be with internet if you need this system give you message when alarm is active.



1. The  Latest System & All Batteries are Included

2. Built-in Backup Battery in Control Host

3. Built-in Small Siren in Control Host

4. Antenna Built-inside the Sensors

5. Supports up to 99 Wireless and 10x remote control

6. Learning  through APP - Very Easy to Operate

7. Supports Partial Arm, Schedule Arm/Disarm, Entry Delay and Exit Delay

8. Can Check 400 Alarm History Records and Status History records in the APP

9. Low voltage alert and power interrupt alarm, internet disconnection alarm


Extension function: This system can work with all of wireless alarm accessories in our company like smoke detector, gas detector, signal repeater, door/window sensor, PIR detector etc. Wireless Transmission Frequency for All Our  Wireless Alarm Systems can be 433mhz,868mhz,915mhz.


2 way to control alarm

1. APP supports Android & IOS

2. Remote control


Wide Applicability
1. Applies widely to works, banks, stores, warehouses, offices and homestead, thanks to its kinds of protection abilities like anti-theft, anti-robbery,
2. fire prevention, gas leakage & smoke detector protection

3. Completely Wireless,

4 .Advanced Sensor Technology.

Installing a alarm system in a home or business allows owners, any unwelcome people breaks into its defense area, the system will send PUSH notification & email to you right now and its siren will cry loud to scare the intruder away. And your friends and neighbors nearby may come and see what's going on here.



Easy To Install Plug & Play Technology

NO need to plug into a phone line! Simply connect control host with the internet.

1.  Connect the control host with the internet

2.   Learn the accessories on the APP

3.   When the PIR sensor or door sensor or other sensors be triggered, it will send signal to the panel system.

4.   The siren will work and send PUSH notification and email to you


·                                     Apply advanced mobile communication technology support PUSH notification & email alarm

·                                    99 wireless defense zones.

·                                     At most 10 wireless remote control

·                                     Sound prompt for alarm

·                                    PUSH notification prompt automatically about low power of battery

·                                     PUSH notification when AC power lost or recover

·                                     Can store 3 group of phone numbers; when alarming, system will make alarm call to these numbers automatically(optional)

·                                     Can store 400 event logs on the APP

·                                     One-key-control function: Away arm, Home arm, Disarm,

·                                     SOS, fire, gas, door, hall, window, balcony, and perimeter places alarm

·                                     Real-time,delay,24/7 protection

·                                     Remote control arm, disarm, SOSbutton on the remote control(keyfobs)

·                                     Wireless coding: easy to add additional wireless accessories

·                                     Built-in Lithium 3.7V/800mA rechargeable battery(can work about 4 hours): make alarm when power off

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