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Suppliers Details

Guangzhou Sizheng Technology Electronics Co.,Ltd.

Contact:Erica Chan
Location:3F,Building 16,Changban Industrial Park,Bai Shashui Road,Tianhe District
SIZHENG Mini Sound Pickup Embedded Audio Monitoring Device Spy Security Camera CCTV Microphone
Category:Camera Accessories
Product Model:COTT-C2
Product Brand:SIZHENG
Product Price:USD39.9
Product Origin:Guangzhou,China
Time Of Validity:2016-12-30
Key Words:cctv audio microphone, sound pic...
Product Details

Key Features of SIZHENG COTT-C2 cctv audio m

 monitoring microphone      

1.Using metal streamline design, high strength aluminum alloy interval technology, reduce unnecessary air vibration.

2.KaBoni silvering condenser microphone, within 10-30   square meters   in high fidelity, high sensitivity.

3.Completely eradicate external electromagnetic interference, has the strong stickiness, difficult to fade and oxidation, the advantages of hidden installation.

4.Equipped with high-pass filtering noise reduction circuit, effectively reduce the high, low frequency noise of environment and circuit

5.Built-in AGC digital voice noise reduction signal processing circuit, effectively prevent voice signal distortion and attenuation.

6.Built-in lightning protection, power supply polarity reverse connect protection, ESD protection and power protection module.

7.Long audio signal transmission technology, use the RVVP3 x 0.5mm2 shield cable, it is distortionless within 3km.

8.Integrated ASIC front audio amplifier circuit, direct drive active speakers, DVR, earphone, etc.

9.Widely used in the prison, drug rehabilitation center, labor camps, detention house and small room of synchronous videomonitoring audio recording.

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