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Vedard Security Alarm Technology

Contact:Sarah Huang
Location:Licheng district
Category:Extinguisher, Emergency Broadcasting, Fireplug
Product Model:CK1016
Product Brand:HST
Product Price:280
Product Origin:China
Time Of Validity:
Key Words:fire alarm
Product Details

This fire alarm control panel meets NFPA requirement. It should be installed, commissioned and maintained by suitably qualified service personnel. 
1. It has 16 zones and 4 sounder outputs.
2. It has 3 standard FORM-A relays contact for alarm, fault, supervisory. And it has EIA-485 port for communication with remote delay and repeater panel. 
3. It works with conventional N/O contact input devices including 2 wire, 4 wire smoke detector, heat detector, gas detector and call points etc. 
4. It can be programmed by panel keypad. It is supervised all wiring, AC voltage and battery level.
5. It is required to be connected to power earth and it self checks earth fault.
6. Max.20 detectors can be equipped in one zone. Each zone can be disabled separately. 
7. Output circuits:
24V resettable power output 1000mA
24V Nonresettable power output 1000mA
24V battery charger (up to 18AH battery)
8. EIA-485 port (interfaces to Annunciators, Graphic Annunciators and Remote Relay module)
9. 75VA power module is provided with the panel
10. Sound 1-4 output can be manual activate directly or disabled.
11. Panel running mode can be switched to manual or automatic.
12. It reports short and broken circuit of zones. 
13. It is designed with space of 2 pcs sealed lead-acid backup battery. 
14. It is with Test and disable function.
15. It can connect with Max.32 repeater panels by RS485 port.

1. Power supply:AC90~270VAC 50Hz 3A
2. Wire size: Minimum #14 AWG (2.0mm?) with 600V insulation.
3. Detector loop current is sufficient to ensure operation of 2 alarmed detectors per zone. Standby current: 7.26mA
4. Three relay output
relay contact rating: 2A at 30VDC
5. Total DC current output: 500mA
6. Recommend Max. standby current: 150mA
7. Input circuits 1-16 zones may be used as standard fire alarm control panel zones and accpet N/O contact devices.
8. Output circuits
24V resettable power output 1000mA
24V Nonresettable power output 1000mA
24V battery charger (up to 18AH battery)
EIA-485 port
9. Dimension: 35cm*40cm*16.5cm
It is with space of 7AH backup battery

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