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Shenzhen Apollo Technology Company Limited

Contact:Lewis Liu
Location:Rm 6G, Building 3, Love Garden, Guanguang Road, Longhua
Alarm Control Host
Category:Intrude Alarming Control Systems
Product Model:AS-9000
Product Brand:Athenalarm
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Key Words:Alarm Host
Product Details

AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host

Features Of AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host

Easy To Use:

  • English LCD operation keyboard, menu programming, human-computer interaction interface, query host status, alarm information all English display;
  • Five kinds of arming / disarming way: keyboard arming / disarming, telephone voice arming / disarming, SMS arming / disarming, remote control arming / disarming, software arming / disarming, mobile phone arming / disarming;
  • Arming / disarming voice prompts, alarm information telephone voice broadcast, abnormal zone automatic bypass and voice broadcast when arming;
  • 1 installer programming password which is 6 digits and can be changed by himself. 1 main user password, 9 groups sub-user password which are 6 digits and can be set according to their own requirement. This can enhance security;
  • 16 wire zone, 30 wireless zone, 1800 bus zone, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, TCP / IP transmission options, suitable for a variety of occasions;
  • 4 groups alarm telephone number (fixed telephone or mobile phone number) and 2 groups of alarm center phone number (upload to 2 alarm centers at the same time) and 2 groups of center arming and disarming line number, to achieve 0 cost upload to alarm center;
  • Standard Contact ID communication protocol, can communicate with the mainstream police center receiver;
  • The host have test program, it can be able to diagnose where error occured (the wire, the detector or the host itself).

Stable And Reliable:

  • Automatic short circuit protection: the port of 12V power output, siren or other occur short circuit, the host automatically protect itself, will not damage the host;
  • Battery foolproof design, positive and negative plug anti-host automatic protection; battery low voltage over discharge protection; battery fault protection (such as charging curve is abnormal, the charge current will be limited);
  • Zone interface circuit with anti-surge design, resistance to 4KV surge impact;
  • The host chassis 24 hours tamper, telephone line anti-cut, anti-short circuit, the host automatically grab wire alarm when alarm happen, AC power off alarm, battery loss, low voltage alarm.

Function Instructions Of AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host

  • LCD keyboard operation and menu programming instead of the digital code and tedious manual.
  • High-speed digital communications, compatible with the Contact ID digital communication protocol.
  • To prevent the crash, the host has watchdog function.
  • Intelligent voice prompt, build-in voice module, can make voice alarm.
  • Can carry out various programming of the system settings, such as alarm mode, the types of protection zones, remote control, alarm, telephone number, telephone line detection, etc.
  • Wired and wireless defense zones compatible.
  • 1 installer programming password which is 6 digits and can be changed by himself. 1 main user password, 9 groups sub-user password which are 6 digits and can be set according to their own requirement. This can enhance security.
  • Support fast operation by keypad, easy and convenient.
  • Can set six groups of alarm telephone number (either landline or mobile phone number) and 2 groups alarm center telephone number, 2 groups of special number for arm and disarm. So the upload is free of charge. And when alert is activated, it will do dial the numbers circularly.
  • 7 types of arm: away arm, at home arm, delay arm, remote arm, fast force arm, timing arm, remote controller arm.
  • 4 types of disarm: disarm by keypad password, telephone remote disarm, timing disarm, remote controller disarm.
  • 7 types of defense zone: Ordinary zone, delay zone, 24-hour zone, internal zone, doorbell zone, fire alarm zone, emergency zone, medical treatment zone.
  • Customizable alarm time delay and time of bell.
  • “Black Box” function, can store 1500 event record. Can query the zone alarm information, arm and disarm information and the battery voltage.
  • Can arm by remote controller or telephone. And if the defense zone is triggered, it will activate the automatic bypass and broadcast the corresponding voice information.
  • Telephone line fault detection function. If the telephone line is cut or short circuit, the system will alarm.
  • The telephone has priority to answer the alarm call. Even if the telephone is busy, it will get through the alarm call to make sure alarm report is upload successfully.
  • The host has a charging circuit by DC12V sealed lead-acid battery to guarantee the working even if it is power failure.
  • When the battery can’t charge and discharge and cause low voltage, it will power-off to avoid damage to the battery.

Main Technical Performance Indicators Of AS-9000 Series Alarm Control Host

  • Power supply:                            AC220V+10%
  • Static Consumption Current:              ≤150mA
  • Power:                                   ≤1W
  • Alarm Output:                            ≤800mA, 12V
  • Output Voltage:                          DC12V~15V
  • Wireless Receiving Frequency:            315MHZ/433MHZ optional
  • Working Temperature:                     -10 ~ 55°C
  • Working Humidity:                        40 ~ 70%
  • Chassis Dimensions:                      Length 27CM * Width 26CM * High 8CM
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