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Electric Security Fence
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ESF-1040&1060 electric security fence system introduction


1 Pulse electric security fence composition and principle

The electric security fence system is composed of front-end fence and pulse electric security fence. The front-end fence is the physical barrier of the system. It is composed of terminal rod, bearing rod, middle bar, insulator, alloy wire, retractor, warning sign and so on, Installed on the perimeter of the zone(Such as brick walls, concrete walls or iron fence), along the fence to establish a circle of visible defense perimeter to block the invasion. Pulse electric security fence host is the core of the system, charging to the front-end fence output high voltage pulse,check the alarm status and sent to the alarm center to achieve the alarm function.


2 Pulse electric security fence system features

Electric security fence system is the first line of defense in security system, but also the most important of a line of defense, set blocking, deterrence and alarm triple function in one of the latest perimeter security equipment, give pulse shock to the intruder(low energy, not causing harm to the person) to deter the intruder, shake its climbing fence motive, delay the invasion time, achieve the purpose of blocking, and sent the intrusion signal to the alarm center, reduce the incidence rate.

When someone illegally climb over or damage the wall, the first to see is the warning sign "high-pressure dangerous" hanging on the fence, giving psychological sense of deterrence. The second, electric security fence itself is a physical barrier, if the installation of the electric security fence is at appropriate height and angle, it is difficult to climb over. When the intruder attempts to cross, the flexible fence can not sustain the intruder, while giving electric shock to the intruder, so that the intruder must retreat away, and dare not touch again. If electric security fence is forced to break, the electric security fence host will sound and send alarm signal, crack down the invader from psychological  further, force the invader to give up the invasion, while remind the staff to pay attention and help the security personnel to deal with the incidenct.

Electric security fence has two sets of signals: a group of on-site alarm sound and light alarm, will make the invaders more frightened, give the invader great deterrent effect. Another group of signals sent to the security room, the alarm control host send sound and light alarm , the keyboard shows the exact location of the alarm point. If the linkage with the monitoring system, the monitor screen will jump out of the real-time scene of the invasion area, the center staff on duty quickly inform the patrol of the security personnel, security personnel immediately rush to the scene to deal with the incidenct. It can be used with other networking alarm system, easily to improve the level of prevention.


3 Comparison between electric security fence and traditional alarm system

The first, in principle, the high voltage power grid is charged more than 220V AC, electric security fence is charged with 5000V pulse voltage;

The second, from the consequences of touching grid, high voltage power grid can be fatal, but electric security fence just has high pulse voltage and only electric shock, it is non-fatal;

The third, from the use of function, the high-voltage power grid is based on block, deterrence and electric shock, but electric security fence is based on block, deterrence and alarm;

The fourth, from the use, high-voltage power grid is used for a strict limit, but electric security fence has being entered in every corner of the socity;

The fifth, the front-end fence is generally erected in the existing wall or perimeter, the wire used by the front-end fence is a special alloy made by special process, with light weight, low resistance, corrosion resistance, the service life is much longer than general wire fence, and a single zone daily power consumption does not exceed 1 degree. Electric security fence is different from the traditional infrared radiation, high voltage power grid and other peripheral alarm system, with safe, reliable, beautiful, easy maintenance, simple operation and many other advantages. From the installation and commissioning, maintenance, service life and other comprehensive factors to consider,  it is a better choice clearly than the other existing perimeter security products.


4 Main application areas of electric security fence

Electric security fence is widely used in substations, power plants, water plants, factories, industrial powerhouse, industrial and mining enterprises, material warehouses, residential quarters, villas, schools, airports, government agencies, cultural relics, military facilities, prisons, detention centers, animal husbandry sites, valuable botanical gardens and other places.

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