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Notes and Best Ways for Foreign Traders to Purchase Chinese Products on Security

Security Industry in China is a new scope in recent years, with most of its early products mainly sent to the domestic market. As the rapid developing of this industry, more and more security products have made great progress, both in quality and technology. A growing number of domestic security products have even exceeded the world's advanced level nowadays with a large number of outstanding national Brands opened up new areas and occupied a favorable place in the international security market. It is learned that kinds of security products have been stepped into the international market such as the video surveillance equipments, DVR, building intercom, security door (cabinet), as well as explosion-proofs. But there are differences between Chinese and foreign enterprises when develop the markets. Majority of the Chinese security enterprises mainly relies on the foreign customers’ purchasing products in China, rather than setting up sales offices and positively promote their products or employing the Internet to sell products to foreigners. This purchasing in China has certain drawbacks; one of them is that foreign investors do not have enough time to know more about the relevant policies and regulations as well as the products quality assurance systems, which may result in great difficulties when purchasing. And the on-site purchasing has no guarantee comparatively.


In order to help foreign traders overcome these difficulties, China's trade

net on security put forward the following notes for reference:

1. To make comprehensive acquaintance on the Management System of Security Products in China. There are two methods for Chinese governments managing the security products, one is the compulsory certification system and the other is the approval of the system. The first way means that enterprise products must be designated by the State Certification Center certification before they are circulated in the market. Intrusion detection products, anti-theft alarm products, auto anti-theft alarm system belong to this category. The other way means that enterprise products must be tested as qualified according to relevant national standards before they are circulated in the market. Access control equipments, mechanical anti-theft locks, bullet-proof glass composites, DVR, surveillance systems and building intercom systems belong to this category.

2. To make comprehensive acquaintance on the actuality of standards developing of Security Products in China. There are two kinds of standards in this field, national (GB) and industrial (GA). GB has to be absolutely obeyed in the nationwide while GA requires applying in security field only. These two types of standards are both developed by the National Standardization Technical Committee for Security & Protection Alarm Systems of China (SAC/TC100). Among them, there are 37 GB standards and 63 GA standards.

3. To make comprehensive acquaintance on the certification and testing agencies of Security Products in China. China Certification Center for Security Products is responsible for compulsory certification of security products in China. Products authorized with compulsory certification have its symbols. There are two Security Products Quality Testing Centers which were approved by our government in China, one is in Beijing and the other lays in Shanghai. These two centers can provide two kinds of testing reports for enterprises, one is sampling testing report and the other is Individual. These two reports are both valid for two years, with one difference, that is, Individual report is only responsible for the quality of the products tested while the Sampling report is responsible for its same group of products also.

4. To make comprehensive acquaintance on the industrial associations of Security Products in China. The key organization of China Security Industry is CSPIA, the only nationwide industry organization in China. It is subject to the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security of China in professions and responsible for coordinating the relationships between security enterprises and management institutions so as to guide the industry development. The Association has a liaison department also, responsible for the communication affairs between domestic industries and foreign enterprises. CSPIA has two Journals ("China Security & Protection" and "Yearbook of Chinese Security Industry”) and two websites (China Security & Protection Net (www.21csp.com.cn ) and China Trade Network Security (www.bizcspia.com)). These four media are the main platforms for publicizing for our domestic security products. As an authorized information platform, these four media has strict management system which ensures the products quality. In addition, industry association holds innovative products evaluations from time to time, which is the most authoritative. Certificate of the quality is the best demonstration of products.

The best way:

Basing on the above four notes, the Chinese security trade net would like to make the following suggestions:

1) First, to make sure that what kind of quality assurance certificates are required for this product in China;

2) Ask suppliers for corresponding certificate according to different product categories;

3) To surf the China Security Trade Net (www.bizcspia.com) for valid the certificate‘s dates and authenticity, if necessary.


The three steps above can basically ensure the product quality. In order to further understand the operating conditions of the supplier, purchasers can ask the supplier for relevant lists, which indicates the types and quantities of advertisements in recent 2 years in. CSPIA’s four media the more it invested on media, the better the enterprise operates.

In order to provide service for foreign purchasers, the Chinese Security Trade Net (www.bizcspia.com) launched a special free service, that is, to assist the overseas buyers to do the four jobs mentioned above. Finally it will make a "Suppliers Survey Report" for buyers as a reference. This service greatly reduced the difficulties of foreign purchasers to purchase products in China because they do not have to spend a lot of time on China's relevant policies and regulations. The only thing that our foreign traders need to do is to ask the supplier provide a "Supplier Survey Report” which the supplier can get it from China Security Trade Net (www.bizcspia.com). And in addition, we should also stress that “price” is not the only measurement when purchasing because bottom price always means “trap” for us. With China's security trade net’ (www.bizcspia.com) helps, we believe it will definitely help foreign traders purchase satisfied security products in China.