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Shenzhen ZTE NetView Technology Co., Ltd

ZTE NetView Division, a Surveillance product line of ZTE, has grown up as a “surveillance expert” who provides not only surveillance products but also unified solutions and turn-key services of surveillance system.

ZTE NetView got US$150M sales in 2008 and US$171M sales in 2009. Almost 1/3 sales came from video surveillance products.

By 2009, ZTE NetView has over 4,800 successful cases applied in over 30 nations and areas. In these cases, 1,900 are video surveillance projects. Over 123,000 video surveillance sites are running on the network by far.

  SSC's Company Profile
Main Products:    Video surveillance solutions, Megapixel IP camera, 3G/IP/Analog cameras, Normal/3G/Vehicle DVR/DVS
Country::    China
Address:    4/F,W1-A,Keji Road South, Hi-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,P.R.China
Tel:    86-755-26525680
Fax:    86-755-26520574
Email:    ztenv_support@zte.com.cn
Website:    www.ztenv.com