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NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED (NUCTECH) is a prestigious high-tech company originating from Tsinghua University China. After 10 years of rapid development, NUCTECH has become a leading worldwide company specializing in the research and development of security inspection technology, as well as system design, manufacturing, engineering and high quality customer service.Possessing all the intellectual property rights of core technologies in radiation applications, NUCTECH can offer state-of-the-art security inspection systems to clients all over the world.

  SSC's Company Profile
Main Products:    X-ray Inspection System、Liquid Inspection System、Explosive and narcotics trace Detector、Body Scanner
Country::    China
Address:    2/F Block A, Tongfang Building, Shuangqinglu, Haidian District, Beijing PRC
Tel:    86-10-82393366
Fax:    86-10-82393310
Email:    zhangchen@nuctech.com
Website:    www.nuctech.com