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2016 China International Security Summit and Forum

JOYWARE–China International Security Summit and Forum

This year we focused more on the “Honest Cooperation, Mutual Benefiting and Win-win”. The purpose is to strengthen the international and industry information exchange, to discuss China and the global security situation and market demand, and promote the healthy and rapid development of China's security industry, to carry out international cooperation and expand international trade platform.

We invited the the CEO of Security Industry Association(SIA)-Donald Roy Erickson, The President of INFOFORUM-Alexander Zhukov, The Analyst of HIS MARKIT-Jim Dearing, The President of President of Thai Security Association(TSA)-Tony Yang and The CEO of Groteck Business Media-Andrey Miroshkin to attend this International Security Summit and Forum and make the speech. Donald Roy Erickson introduced the US’s Security Industry of 2016, the Market Development and the Vision in Future. Alexander Zhukov approached a subject about the Cooperation in the Information between China and Russia. Jim Dearing approached a subject about the Market Overview of Security and the Smart Home. Tony Yang introduced the The Thailand Security Market and Industry Development. Andrey Miroshkin approached a subject about Russian Security Market Business Opportunities for Chinese Manufacturers.  The total number of audience is 400. 

Data Analysis of Audiences International Summit and Forum

China International Security Summit and Forum (speech by SIA’ CEO-Donald Roy Erickson )