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Pre-Matched Business Meeting in SSC2014

Business Negotiation & Booths Visit (Products Show)


Date:October 27, 2014 

Location: Crowne Plaza Bejing International Airport Hotel, Beijing, China

Business negotiation is the key point of SSC, to buyers, it is not just hurried and cursory glance or visit at shows, to suppliers, it is not just waiting to be visited, instead, buyers and suppliers all gained much from face to face business discussion by their definite supply and demand. No doubt, business negotiation is the important symbol of SSC differs from expos by supplying one-to-one business needs between suppliers and buyers. 98% of total participants found their appropriate partners in the past three times of SSC.

Suppliers have booths to show their products, which is helpful to let buyers see and test products in person. It will be more effective and timesaving to both sides.